It Takes A Village

Author  Talia Simonett   on  04/13/2023 - 8:52am

With the 2023 Groove Gala right around the corner (next weekend!!!), the Spare Key team is in full Groove Gala planning mode. Some days it feels like there is never enough time to get it all done. Yet, while emotions might be high and stress levels begin to rise, I have noticed a different feeling emerge—the sense of gratitude.


It Takes A Village


At the beginning of the year, the Spare Key team decided that rather than renting game materials year after year, we could make some of the games that return each year. One game item specifically is the GIANT Plinko Board for the Stock the Bar game we host during the pre-function at the Groove Gala.

Being an open-minded person myself, I immediately jumped at the opportunity thinking it would be a fun bonding activity to do with my boyfriend, Owen. Well…I may have overestimated our ability (just a little bit…) to build this game alone since neither of us owns the tools needed to do so…

So what do I do when I run out of options…call my brother-in-law, Sean to help!

It may not have been his ideal Saturday plans to build a 7ft Plinko Board, but after some light begging and lunch bribery, Sean agreed to help us make the GIANT Plinko Board. What I thought would be a quick little project turned into an 8-hour day of sawing, painting, and drilling. Yet, the day was filled with laughter and discussion on how great and successful this game will be at the 2023 Groove Gala.

Now you may be wondering…”Why are you sharing this story with me, Talia?” Well, while building this Plinko Board, I remember a moment when I stood back and watched Sean and Owen working and just thought… wow, where would I be without their help this weekend?

And then I REALLY thought….WOW… where would Spare Key be without ALL of our supporters, partners, volunteers, family, and friends…

It truly takes a village.

Since that day, I keep reminiscing on this same feeling…

Last week, as I was inputting Guest Lists and reaching out to sponsors for marketing materials, I thought again about how the Groove Gala would NOT be possible without countless sponsors that dedicate their time, dollars, and attention towards this incredible celebration. It never ceases to amaze me how many people in the world genuinely care about other’s well beings. Even when the economy isn’t where any of us want it to be, we still welcome more than 50 sponsors and partners to the 2023 Groove Gala.

I see families we helped over a decade ago donate vacation homes to our Live Auction and purchase tables to attend the big celebration for a cause that once supported them.

I see sponsors that have supported Spare Key for more than a decade still come back each year to sponsor the Gala.

I see volunteers return year after year. Volunteers dedicated to making this event a success every single time!

So this is why “It truly takes a village.”

Our sponsors, donors, partners, and volunteers show us each and every year their dedication to helping families throughout the United States “Bounce and Not Break” in their time of need.

People like YOU bring color to these families’ lives during their darkest times.

I cannot wait to celebrate Spare Key’s mission with all of you at this year’s Groove Gala presented by Network Title, Inc. on Saturday, April 22nd!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, time is running OUT! You won’t want to miss how great the GIANT Plinko Board turned out!

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