Mankato, MN

The Allore Family

Maddux Allore

Maddux was diagnosed with Stage 1 Wilms Tumor on his right kidney. The tumor was sticking out the side of his stomach which was giving him lots of pain and that is how Lindsey found it. The tumor ended up being the size of a softball! There was hardly any kidney left as the tumor took over about 90% of it or so. Maddux went in to Saint Mary’s hospital in Rochester on a Tuesday and had surgery on Thursday to remove it. He continued to stay in the hospital until Tuesday morning when he was released and we went to stay at the Ronald McDonald house. Wednesday was his first round of chemo and he did awesome with it!! He has had chemo every Wednesday in Rochester over the last 5 months. We have been keeping him at home over that time as his immune system is weaker than normal and because of COVID19, we have had to keep his sister at home as well.  I have been staying home with them the majority of the time if not all of it, which has taken a toll on our family financially. Doctors say that if all goes well with chemo, he should be cancer free when it is all done and live a healthy life with one kidney. Our family thanks everyone for your love, prayers and support during this time. The amount of people that have reached out to us with prayers from all over the U.S. is truly amazing!!! Thank you everyone!! “Fight like Maddux”

October 23, 2020
Fight Like Maddux!

Maddux is doing very well and is supper happy that he gets the chance to be an older brother!! As our minds have been stressed and distracted during Maddux’s journey in kicking cancers butt, we found out that Lindsey was pregnant! But not until June 26th (yikes!)! So September 8th we welcomed Harrison to the family and the kids are very excited!! We go back to Rochester November 9th for his first scan! We are keeping our fingers crossed for good news!! Thank you for the support!!