The Austin Family

Saint Paul , MN
$350.00 raised of $9,460.00
Mortgage/Rent $8,800.00
4 months
Utilities - Internet $660.00
2 months
    Ezekiel Austin
    Cardiovascular Disease

    Ezekiel was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot December 2021 when I was 4 months pregnant. When his dad and I found out we were heart broken but ironically had already chosen the name Ezekiel. This prompt me to look up the meaning of Ezekiel in biblical terms and I came to find God gave Ezekiel a new heart and soul. This instantly reassured me everything was going to be ok. However this is when are financial hardships began as I became Hugh risked pregnancy promoting more appointments then the normal pregnancy which limited my ability to work. Ezekiel was born March 19, 2022 and by surprise shocked the entire Dr team with how well he was doing on his own. He had a short hospital stay of two weeks but no surgery was needed. 6 to 7 weeks later at his heart follow up appointment he had to be emergency admitted due to his oxygen levels being low and we then had his first heart surgery where a shunt was placed. Ezekiel recovered and came home only having to be readmitted about 6 weeks after due to not gaining weight. This is what prompted his second surgery where a g tube was placed to help Ezekiel get the calories he needed to help us prepare for final heart surgery. Since his birth this has been the pattern for me again resulting in not being able to work. One income is very much so a struggle and there are limited resources out here at the moment as well. Ezekiel has 5 older brothers and 1 older sister making him the baby of the bunch. He loves to laugh and smile and has such a content and gentle soul he really is a precious baby. Any and all donations and help will go straight toward assuring Ezekiel has a stable place to call home. 

    December 6, 2022
    Final Heart Repair Scheduled

    Zekey has been scheduled for his final heart repair January 6, 2023.