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    Sally Barott
    Breast Cancer

    Hello from me, Sally Barott, and my cat Benny. It's the Christmas season again, one of my favorite times of the year here in snowy Minnesota.  My cancer story began 9-1/2 years ago with a breast cancer diagnosis, 2 surgeries, 18 weeks of chemo, 1 month of radiation, medications, all in the year 2012. At the same time, I was taking care of my mother who had heart issues. Living in her home, we were each others support systems. I'm writing and applying for assistance for my mortgage payments.  You see, my mother took a second mortgage on the house years ago. I was working at the time and I helped her by signing for the loan. She died December, 2013 and left the house to me, which also included the mortgage. I've been making payments for 8 years to the company holding the loan. I lost my job early 2014 due to major layoffs. I am so worried that I will lose the house while I'm fighting my cancer, and approaching the age of 65 in a month.  I really need help. In the spring of 2019, my oncologist found that my cancer was back and now Metastatic Breast Cancer, which meant the breast cancer was not totally contained back in 2012,  it has spread through my system to bones and other parts of my body. It is a terminal cancer, stage 4.  I'm now on cancer drugs fighting the progression of the disease.  The meds are working, thank God, but I am not able to work to pay my bills.  I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, which makes walking tough and painful, and in Minnesota we don't go out on snowy days in fear of slipping on the snow and ice. I thank God the meds are paid by my insurance at this time.  My mortgage payments are close to $1000.00 a month for the principal only. and I'm living on my social security and other self employment.  If you can find it in your heart to help me pay off this mortgage, which is now $121,687.71, I would be eternally grateful.  My mother had to take out the second mortgage when she did, but I was working back then and did not have cancer. I expected to be able to help her, but other circumstances (cancer) happened.  Life has handed me many lemons in my life, but I have always faced the problems and have been able to cope and find answers.  The "Help Me Bounce" is my hope that you will help me bounce back and find an answer to my mortgage.  I thank you for your consideration and financial help. God Bless You.

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