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Aspen Beagle
Premature Birth

Aspen was born premature at 30 weeks.  She is currently in NICU @ Sanford in Bismarck, ND

May 29, 2021
Aspen Beagle 5/23

Our beautiful girl got released from the NICU on 5/23! We currently are still supplementing her milk with extra calories to help her keep growing as well as giving her iron and probiotics. We went to her doctors appointment on 5/26 and she weighed 6 lb 4.7 oz and 19 inches long! So far she is doing great at home and we couldn't be happier to have her home with us! We still have a long road ahead to make sure she is on track with growing but she's in great health and we couldn't be more thankful!

May 20, 2021
Aspen Beagle 5/20

Aspen is now eating on her own and they have removed her feeding tube! She is currently 5 lb 9.4 oz. She got moved from the isolet to a crib now! As long as she has no spells and continues to eat well on her own we have a potential date of Sunday 5/22 of bringing her home! We are so ecstatic that she is doing so well and hope we will get to bring her home on sunday!

May 4, 2021
Aspen Beagle 5/4

Aspen has been making amazing progress! She is now 4 lb 6.4 oz and is 18.5 inches long! We started breastfeeding twice a day while still using the feeding tube for most of her feedings until she gets the hang of it more and they are hoping to start using bottles too to help with this either tonight or tomorrow! She still has some spells where she drops her heart rate but has been less than before! 

April 29, 2021
Aspen Beagle 4/29

Aspen has been doing great the last week! She continues to have occasional spells of dropping her heart rate but they continue to assess her weight and adjust her caffeine intake to help combat this. Over time with growth and maturing these should come down on their own. The nurses told Chantel they would like to start bottle feeding either tomorrow or the next day! As of 4/27, Aspen is up to 4 lb 1.3 oz! We are very proud of her accomplishments this far!

April 18, 2021
Aspen Beagle 4/18/21

Aspen had a couple days of having some spells where preemies drop their heart rate when they are over stimulated or unhappy. They did a chest xray and found the feeding tube was a little high pushing air into her stomach so they pushed the tube down further and since then she has been doing much better. She is continuing to impress us everyday with her progress and we couldn't be more thankful! 

April 14, 2021
Aspen Beagle 4/14/21

Aspen has had her nose cannula removed as of today.  They will be starting to get ready to bottle feed soon! She currently weights 3lb 1.4 oz!

April 12, 2021
Aspen Beagle

On April 1st, Chantel was admitted into Sanford hospital in Bismarck due to high blood pressure during pregnancy. At the time of admission she was 29 weeks 6 days along and measured blood pressure of 170/120. This was very concerning as she has never had any health problems up until this spike in blood pressure so it was diagnosed at gestational hypertension. Chantel is only 22 years old and this is her first child. The next couple days, her blood pressure continued to be high, but less concerning as when admitted. They gave her the potential date of April 5th to go home at that point. The morning of April 4th (Easter Sunday), there was another really high spike, measuring 174/118. The doctor came and did an analysis pressing on her stomach and there was pain as well as a headache and vision changes. The gestational hypertension had progressed into pre-eclampsia and if they didn't do something soon, it could be very harmful to Chantel and baby Aspen. They scheduled the emergency c-section for 11:15. Aspen was born via c-section at 11:47 am on April 4th at 30 weeks 2 days gestation weighing 3 lbs and 16 inches long. She was immediately taken to NICU for them to assess her condition. Since then she has been making wonderful progress in the NICU. Chantels blood pressure has still been high. Another spike on April 7th led to another trip to the hospital spiking to 171/110. The visit led to a CT scan and some labs that all ended up being okay. She was sent home to rest and was told to see her doctor the next day who told us this is a normal occurrence until the toxins from the pre-eclampsia leave her body, she may have these spikes but to just watch so it doesn't get too high. So far both Chantel and Aspen have been doing much better. As of today 4/12, Aspen is down to 1/4 liter through a nose cannula and will be having her feeding tubes removed later today and will be switching to a supplemented milk provided by Chantel pumping. She is making huge strides forward but still has a long road ahead