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    Alexander Benjamin
    Bone Cancer

    Alexander had been having pain in his left leg for a few months. I took him to the ER on February 6th to see what was going on, as he complained of pain and couldn't walk on it. They checked him over and did x-rays, but didn't see anything. They sent us hime with a diagnosis of growing pains.

    As time went on, Alex had a few more episodes of pain and not being able to walk on his leg. After six weeks of this pattern I took him back and demanded blood work and a catscan.

    It was at that time we found out Alex had a Tumor with possibly aggressive Ewing Sarcoma. 

    Alex had a Bone Biopsy on April 3rd. Alex celebrated his 16th birthday on April 5th. Alex also got his driver's license on April 10th.

    On April 12th, we received the devastating news that Alex had Ewing Sarcoma. 

    Alex had his port put in on April 23rd, was admitted into the hospital and started treatment April 24th and 25th for round one of Chemotherapy. 

    Alexander has to have six rounds of chemotherapy which will take a minimum of 12 weeks to finish as long as things go smoothly. Then Alex will have surgery on his leg to remove the tumor and hopefully save his leg. Then after surgery Alex will have another eight rounds of chemotherapy lasting at least 16 weeks if things go smoothing.

    The treatment is a 2-3 day inpatient, followed by a week off then a 5-6, day inpatient, followed by a week off. This pattern will continue until Alex us done with everything. Taking a minimum of 9-10 months.

    Alex has his treatments done 72 miles from our house. We have to travel back and fourth between hospital stays. 

    Alex is a busy body and setting in a hospital room for days us hard on him.

    We are looking for help with gas for traveling for appointments, help with food while traveling to appointments and staying at the hospital. Help with buying lego sets for Alex to work on during treatments (,one of his favorite things to do). Help with groceries and cleaning supplies while he is home, and help with any bills while we take time to be with Alex.

    Any help is a blessing and truly appreciated!

    May 16, 2023
    Alex's Fight

    Alex just finished his round 2 chemotherapy treatment this last week. He had to have five days of treatment in a row, which was hard for him. Day one was pretty good, except his hair was starting to fall out, so we had to cut it. Days two and three went pretty good as well. By Days four and five Alex's body was not tolerating the treatments so well. He was extremely exhausted and felt very nauseous. Alex has kept a pretty good attitude during his fight. He says the Days are really long and boring, we've been trying hard to find things for him to do while at the hospital. Alex loves Legos, World War 2, army tanks and Xbox. Being 72 miles away from home is hard, especially when you have to stay several days in the hospital. 

    May 9, 2023

    Alex is 16 and currently going through treatment for Ewing Sarcoma. His just started his second round of chemotherapy today. We have to travel 72 miles to get to his appointments, which adds up real quick. Alex is inpatient during treatments, which means I stay with him during all his treatments and the cost of meals adds up real quick as well. So fat Alex has been doing good, has a good attitude, eating, drinking and trying his best to stay positive. Alex loves legos, and trys to find things to keep him busy during treatments.