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    Logan Benoit
    Autoimmune Disease

    Logan has been struggling with Ulcerative Colitis since he was about 10-11 years old. Just this year he decided to stay with me permanently to finish out his senior year and go to college to be a welder. About a month ago Logan started getting sick. We thought he had Covid and it was negative. He was still not getting any better. So I took him to Children's Hospital to get checked out. Of course they ran another Covid test. You can never be too careful. The doctors ran a bunch of bloods tests, x-rays, imaging, scans, etc. Thankfully nothing points to cancer. The doctors did confirm hyperthyroidism. He also has autoimmune hepatitis. He also has a really bad flare up from his colitis. He had a liver biopsy done as well because it is inflamed.

    It has been almost a month and the doctors wanted to make sure they had the right diagnosis to give him the right medications. In the mean time I have been driving back and forth to the hospital. I took time off of work to be with Logan during the day and home at night to take care of his siblings. I am almost out of leave and have asked my work for donated leave. I am a veteran and a single mom with one income trying to make ends meet. Logan lost a lot of weight so I had to buy him new clothes. Parking every day costs money thankfully for now a social worker was able to provide some free parking vouchers. I am able to get meal vouchers so that I can eat for free but I also have food sensitivities so I am having to buy extra food to bring to the hospital. Logan has been eating a ton more being that he is on steroids and he needs to gain weight. According to county I am not eligible for food support and emergency funds being I am just over the income guidelines. Logan is getting medical assistance so the medical is not a problem. I normally work from home so saving money on gas is a plus but since Logan is in the hospital I am spending more money on gas. I am too tired when I get home to even cook for my other kids and they do know how to cook for themselves but they are still learning how to cook. I have been spending more money on food. I have tried locating food shelves that do deliver. I had an emergency fund but now that is gone trying to keep up with bills and taking care of my family needs. Once Logan gets home he going to need space and certain foods to help him heal his colon and liver. I want to get back to saving for my emergency fund etc. 

    June 10, 2022

    MRI is scheduled for this month. The surgeon wants to make sure it’s not crohns before deciding surgery or not. Logans iron and white blood cell counts have dropped. The GI doc wanted to admit him into the hospital but he doesn’t think he needs to. So hoping with him trying to eat more and starting him on iron pills will help. He is having stomach pains and now he says he feels bloated. Praying it goes away. We are moving next month to a bigger place and I know he is looking forward to that as well as the rest of my kids. They finally all get there own rooms. Well except me. I will be in the living room. Same price as our current place but extra bedroom. Praying everything will settle down so Logan can enjoy life. He is saying again how if he dies he doesn’t care. He has been coming to church with me so hoping his mindset will change. Thank you so much for the donations and prayers! 

    May 24, 2022

    We talked with the surgeon about removing his colon. Well it’s a 3 part surgery and Logan is kind of scared about it cuz it will take about a year for the whole process. He is getting an increase of his stellar shots. His colon is so inflamed the GI doc put him on another med in hoping to calm his colon down. We still have time to decide on surgery. Right now just looking at options. The surgeon wants to have an MRI done to make sure he doesn’t have chrones. For now we wait. 

    April 25, 2022

    Today is the day Logan gets an endoscopy and colonoscopy to see if it’s just ulcerative colitis or chrones. If it’s just UC then possible surgery of removing his colon. If it’s chrones then it’s a different procedure and meds. The shots are just not working. Doc is still going to try and increase his shots for now until if there is a surgery. For now we wait. Poor Logan is really not feeling well but he still pushes to work and help me and his siblings. 

    April 13, 2022

    Last week Logan got his second dose of stellara for the colitis. Still too early to tell if it’s working. He still continues to have sudden urgency to go to the bathroom right away. And he still goes often. He wants to get a second job which is good but has to be something flexible where he can go to the bathroom when he needs to. He starts with classes again to finish up credits from high school. It’s been a struggle for him. He wants to go good but with a down in his motivation he would rather sit at home and do nothing. He sometimes wishes he would have lived with me full time sooner. Can’t change the past but all we can do is move forward and try and make best of the situation. 

    March 1, 2022

    So Logan had his first round of stellara. He had some chest pain but thinking it was just heartburn. Not sure he hasn’t had the chest pain again. He feels dizzy when standing up could be temporary side affects. In few weeks he has his next doc appointment to see how things are going and to get another dose. Logan feels like it’s not working but I’m hoping with time it will get better. In the mean time we are still struggling to make ends meet. Renthelpmn has denied providing any more funds for rent. I contacted the social worker at the Veterans hospital but they didn’t seem much help. Always have to start with the county and I won’t hear a decision for 30 days. Frustrating. I can make feb rent payment but not March. My kids dad will not help. By the Grace of god he will provide. God will provide for the family. He always have and always will. Thank you Jesus for resources. Thank you all for continuing prayers.

    January 16, 2022

    Logan had an appointment last week with his Mngi doc. Humira shots are not helping Logan anymore. He is going to the bathroom a lot more again. Doc is suggesting stellara (probably misspelled it lol) once insurance s approves it then his first dose will be an infusion then after that he will give himself shots but it’s spread out more. Humira was every two weeks. He continues to struggle with his ulcerative colitis. He continues to struggle with depression as well when he says he is fine I know he thinks this sucks. He struggles with having any type of friends. I encourage him to join the group at church but he comes up with excuses. I’m really praying for a lasting solution to his medical conditions. Thank goodness he is willing to work. It’s not many hours but it’s something he loves. Now if I can get him to save something so he can buy a good car but first he needs his license. He is ready for it it’s just finding the time to get it done. I’m working two jobs to make ends meet. Thank you all for listening.

    December 31, 2021

    Logan is doing better but still has some issues with his colon. MNGI increased the dosage on a couple of his meds. He has a doc appointment in January to talk about his labs. Right now I’m really concerned because he won’t eat at times because nothing tastes good. I still try to encourage him to join a group at church but since he don’t have a license or a car I am driving him around. It’s been hard for me now that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and having other medical issues myself. Trying to take care of myself and all 3 of my kids. By the Grace of god we will make it through. Life has been improving since last year. So there is light at the end of this time tunnel. Thank you Jesus for caring and supportive people. Thank you Jesus for people that are willing to donate. From the bottom of my heart I greatly appreciate you all!

    September 1, 2021

    Logan had his thyroid removed august 10 and he is going well. He is eating more than he was before surgery. He is taking his pills every morning without me telling him. He is doing so much better. Now trying to get him to finish up his credits so he can finally get his diploma and move on to college. He is looking for a job but he is being very picky. He is an overachiever and wants to do it all. Praying that he takes what he can get. Praying he gets his license. I’m only one person and have his siblings to take care of to. I would have to drive him until he gets his license and I’m trying to find a different job that works with my family schedule.

    July 20, 2021

    Since Logan is not taking his pills every day and his symptoms are getting worse the doctors want to admit him at MPLS children’s. That way the doctors can help Logan manage his pills and his symptoms. He is going to the bathroom more and having more accidents. He says he doesn’t want to live anymore and he is tired of taking pills. He has been taking humira shots and recently an increase but no improvements. The doctors are also referring Logan to see a mental health professional. Please keep praying that Logan will see the light of God!! Thank you all for your donations and prayers!! 

    July 13, 2021

    Logan had an ultrasound on his thyroid and it’s enlarged and his body is not responding to the thyroid medication. Doctors want to remove the thyroid. Surgery is scheduled for aug 10. Yesterday he had is adrenal glands checked. Docs wanted to make sure his kidneys are functioning. It’s been a struggle for Logan to take his meds every day. He is tired of being tired. He is tired of taking meds. He just wants to be a normal kid. He started Humira shots about a month ago and the doc recently upped the dosage. Praying this works. Next step is infusion. Then he would have to go to the clinic every two months or more and sit for 2 hours. Thank goodness Logan still likes to go outside and do things when he is not tired and sleeping.