The Blazek Family

Bismarck , ND
$500.00 raised of $12,890.04
Mortgage/Rent $10,874.04
6 months
Car Payment $2,016.00
6 months
    Luca Blazek
    Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Chandler and I found out at our 20 week anatomy scan that our baby boy Luca had enlarged cystic kidneys and we were referred to Maternal Fetal Medicine for a more detailed ultrasound. Once meeting with MFM we learned Luca did indeed have some form of kidney disease. We chose for genetics to be drawn at birth to find out what kidney disease it specifically was. We live in Bismarck, ND and do not have access to pediatric specialty so we made a trip to Sioux Falls, SD to meet with Luca’s future doctors. The plan was, we would relocate to Sioux Falls, SD once Luca was as close to term as possible. I would be seen 2x weekly for ultrasounds, biophysical profiles, and non stress tests to follow Luca in utero. Around 32 weeks it was decided I would deliver at 34 weeks. I ended up getting into a car accident in Bismarck the day before we would leave for SF. The accident put me into the hospital. The next day, which was also the day we were suppose to leave for SF, it was decided by my doctors in SF that I would be flown for safety. I was flown to SF as dad drove 6 hours to meet me. We spent a 2nd night in the hospital. Once at the hospital in SF, it was decide to keep me pregnant until he was 36 weeks and monitor him everyday. We were discharged to Ronald McDonald and for the next 11 days Luca and I were seen every day. I at this point was out of work as my job was in Bismarck. Dad is self employed and was working out of town at the time this all happened, so once I was flown to SF he stopped working. On May 23rd, 11 days of being in SF, Luca decided he was going to be born and I went into labor. He was born at 35 4/7 weeks, 3 days before his planed due date. Luca had a rough start to life but is currently doing so well for all his medical issues going on. He is a very strong boy and such a fighter. Luca had surgery at just 4 days old for his dialysis catheter. He will eventually need dialysis and a kidney transplant, but for now he’s holding his own! He over all is stable and well!! We are so in love with him and so very happy he is here. He is in the NICU here in Sioux Falls and will be for some time. It’s not ideal as we have a house we own, family, my job, bills, and a life 6 hours away in Bismarck, but would not be anywhere else but with Luca here in SIoux Falls. 

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