lakeville, MN

The Bowen Family

Aaliyah Bowen
Complicated medical condition


April 16 2019, my daughter Aaliyah was under asthma attack, and then had a heart attack, without any sign of life for 30 minutes. She suffered the worst possible brain damage that one can. The injury sustained to her brain is worse than any impact to the head, according to doctors. Her whole body took a hit, as a result of being without life for too long. Aaliyah's school didn't help us protect her from all the known triggers of dangerous onsets of asthma. Nevertheless, what the devil meant for evil, God will use to glorify his name. The doctors had been convinced that Aaliyah would die. However, Aaliyah is very alive but is undergoing an enormous suffering.


I got a life altering call on that day from her school. I was told she was unconscious and that they were sending an emergency vehicle to me, because they didn't want me in traffic. When I was allowed to see Aaliyah, I could see she was physically there but gone (dead). I wasn't able to reach her by touch, I stretched forth my hand and said "The devil is a liar, you shall live and not die, to proclaim the good work of God." They instantly said, "We've got a pulse." Doctors were certain that Aaliyah would die. They said if she miraculously lived, she'd never have a quality of life, or walk, talk or have any memories.


Aaliyah used her words mid September 2019, She repeatedly said, " It hurts, I can't do this." Although, she remains ungodly sick, I'm fully persuaded that she's going to be healed. There isn't any words inside the earth to help anyone understand the magnitude of suffering and pain we're currently enduring, for more than 7 months now. I believe God will do it! 

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