The Brandt Family

Saint Paul, MN
$510.00 raised of $2,120.00
Car Payment $2,120.00
2 months
    Judith Brandt
    Severe septic shock brought on by exacerbated by COPD

    Judy or Mom has lived with me for 15 years. She is my son who is disabled. best friend. On December 17th she was off and unresponsive. By the time she got to hospital her blood pressure was around 55/20. she was hypothermic, and her WBC was 47. Her lactic acid level was almost 3.  They had told me to prepare for the worse. I am her power of attorney and medical proxy, and demanded they do what ever it takes to keep her going per her wishes.

    On December 18th they had to put her on a ventilator. The doctors told me that if she was put on a vent she would never come off.  They tried to extubate her twice. She is now in the step down unit called critical are unit and are waiting for a bed to open in the transitional care unit for rehab, Due to all of this we have lost a lot of income and gotten behind. 

    One of my cars have already been reposessed a couple of days ago, which is $450.00 and $530.00 on my other car. These cars are used to get Judy and my special needs son Trueman to their Doctors and Therapy appointments.

    Judy is the center of our universe. She is devoted to family, she will give the shirt off her back to anyone in need, every holiday was an open door be it family friends and strangers. She is dreaming of an Inogen portable oxygen conentrator so she can be in the world instead of living on the world. Any questions feel free to ask.

    January 15, 2022
    Judy Brandt

    Judy (Mom) was transferred to the transitional care unit at Southview Acres Health Care Center last night for rehab. Very excited for her to be well on her way back home.