The Braun-Johnson Family

Minneapolis, MN
$1,330.00 raised of $7,830.00
Car Payment $1,710.00
6 months
Insurance - Auto $480.00
6 months
Utilities - Phone $540.00
6 months
Mortgage/Rent $5,100.00
6 months
    Rinken Braun-Johnson
    Heart Disease

    Rinken was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome when she was 21 weeks old. Then on  January 3rd, 2022 she was admitted to the hospital with heart failure. We received a heart on August 29th 2022. Rinken is still in the hospital fighting to get back to good health so we can get out and start our new life. On March 12th we were once again hospitalized with the possibility of Lymphoma. We have been told to prepare for a long hospital stay. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I will not be able to work at my new job as planned until further notice. 

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