The Braxton Family

Boynton beach, FL
$500.00 raised of $26,364.00
Mortgage/Rent $26,364.00
12 months
    Tyra Braxton
    Laryngomalacia, High Risk Pregnancy, Pneumonia & Covid-19

    I am a single mother of 4 children (10 yrs, 3 yrs, 2 yrs and 11 wks old) and having some difficulty getting caught up since getting sick. My 10 year old has ADHD and severe learning disabilities and I pay for therapy and tutoring for him. I fell behind for the months of July and August. I had a baby in June which was a high risk pregnancy the last 4 months. After giving birth, I developed pneumonia and ended up going back to the hospital. Then two weeks after that I got Covid-19. I am still having to go to the doctor once a week because my c-section incision has not completely closed and caused bacterial growth and required medication called Ciprofloxacin. I am seeking first security, as I was evicted from my apartment 2 weeks ago and have been sleeping in the car. My daughter will be under going surgery for her Laryngomalacia. She will have a trachea for a year. I really need some help.

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