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Canton, GA
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    Tia Brown
    Breast Cancer name is Tia Brown and I’m a single mother that’s been battling breast cancer since being diagnosed in October 2022. I’m a God fearing loving mother, educator, track coach who loves inspiring and uplifting others. My life changed once I began chemotherapy and stated experiencing severe side effects from treatment. I was unable to work and provide for both my daughter and I as I normally would. I was placed on an unpaid medical leave per my doctor orders. Nonetheless I never waiverd in my Faith in trusting my LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! I’m a living walking testimony all for GODS GLORY. Please help my daughter and I if u can. My daughter is an 13 yr old honor student and Track&field star who’s prominent to receive both an Academic scholarship and track athletic scholarship. Please help us during this time as I continue to undergo treatments in fighting for the cure of breast cancer.

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