The Brown Family

Las Vegas, NV
$1,412.84 raised of $15,962.84
Medical Bills $15,962.84
1 months
    Christopher Brown
    Heart Defect

    I'm a computer support assistant who has a passion for helping people learn about technology. This past February, I had open heart surgery after a diagnostic test found I had a 6.7cm aortic aneurysm and a genetically faulty aortic valve. This came as a huge surprise, as I was completely asymptomatic. The surgery was successful, but unfortunately, I don't have insurance. Between time in the hospital and post recovery, I lost three and a half months of work.

    Now that I'm back working, I've been able to make some payments on various bills from my surgery, however, I am running out of money to pay both my monthly and medical bills. I have been trying to find ways to get discounts on my bills or lower the amount, but this kindness would be so appreciated after such a scary situation with my heart.

    Thankfully, I have some family that allowed me a place to stay during my physical and financial recovery. This small assistance would go so far for me. It will give me the necessary buffer I need to keep to complete my cardiology rehab and get back to full strength.

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