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Richmond, MN
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    Lynn Burg

    I was brought in by ambulance on January 22nd, not able to breathe on my own. I was put on a ventilator for 4 days until they pulled the breathing tube and I was able to breathe on my own again. I was transferred to oncology where I was told I had Leukemia AML, which is very aggressive, so I had to start chemo as soon as possible.  I did chemo 24/7 for 7 days, then waited 14 days to do another bone biopsy, when they determined I was not in remission. I had to do an additional round of chemo for 2 days, when they got the results confirming I was in remission.  I was hospitalized for 47 days, then released for 10 days, and now back again for an additional 5 days of chemo. The next round of chemo will be in about 20 or so days after this  current round, to keep me in remission. 

    Next, I will go to the U of M  for a stem cell transplant and required to stay at the U of M to check for any rejections. When I get out of the hospital, they said it will be around 90 days, then I will be required to have a care giver 24/7 to monitor anything that would cause my return to the hospital again. We have to find a place to stay within a 30 minute from the hospital, if they don’t have anything available. After that I will try getting my strength back so I can try going back to work full time, but will be under my doctor 's direction when this will take place. 
    Thank you for any support. 

    Lynn and Matt Burg

    May 14, 2023
    Lynn Burg

     Lynn , had her stem cell transplant on May 12th. Everything has gone good so far, she has some issues. Lynn is hoping to get out of the hospital in the 4 to 6 weeks time. Lynn is hoping that Matt can stay with her for the first two weeks out of the hospital as she needs to stay within a 30 minute of the hospital if she has a rejection until August 16th to get the hospital in time. After the first 2 weeks others family members are planning to take a week to stay with Lynn 24/7 until she can go home in August, if everything goes as planned . Also for Matt to bring her to appointments, take care of her 25 pills a day med box for 45 days, meals, and laundry as she is unable to do this at this time when staying in the Cities, because they live over an hour a way. With all the time Matt has taken off to bring Lynn to appointments and only seen her on the weekends and evenings when Lynn was in the hospital 61 days in St. Cloud and only home for about a month in between. Matt would like to be with his wife the first two weeks after Lynn’s gets out of the hospital. Lynn needs this time with her husband for his support and she knows they need this help to make this happen.

    Thank you,