The Campbell Family

Missouri City, TX
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    Andr'ea Campbell

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to read our story. My husband passed away on December 3rd, 2023 of Melanoma Cancer stage 4, which left me a widow and single mother of four. Without the financial provision we had before cancer hit our family, I am struggling to pay our bills. Survivor benefits are not enough to cover water, lights, car, insurance bills. Plus my landlord has said he's increasing my rent since my husband passed. So I am trying to work to obtain other resources to be able to get on my feet because I have no help and no child care to work myself. We have a place coming up where the rent will be based on 30% of my income so I will be able to afford a roof over our head and bills but the place won't be ready until the end of April 2024. So we just need help making it through until then with the rent anything will be a blessing so that we won't end up in a worse situation because I have no family to help and nowhere to go if we were to be evicted and we just need to be here until the place based on my income is ready. Anything at all will be a blessing and a help and we really appreciate it Thank you.

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