Minneapolis, MN


Brain or Internal Organ Injury

Hello, My name is Shakiya Carter- Burt, I am a 24 year old homeowner in Minneapolis Minnesota, and the mother of two gorgeous girls aged 4 and 2. I am here seeking assistance because of my most recent trauma being in a car accident that occurred 3 weeks ago putting me out of work for an entire month and what could potentially be longer. From this accident I sustained a total of three injuries: A neck muscle strain, Chest wall injury, and a Concussion. For employment, I am a Professional Driver for Public Transportation, and having to obtain a concussion in addition to the other injuries, has put an extreme stress and delay in my returning to work. It has also put a strain on providing for other responsibilities like bills and basic necessities as well. In addition to all of this chaos, I am also currently going through a custody suit with my kids father, and the possible risk of losing my home potentially means losing them as well, being that they are primarily and permanently housed with me. I have been a successful single parent for a little over a year now, and nothing brings me more joy than being able to provide safety and stability for my minor children as I continue to watch them grow over the years. This isn't just about a home, Its about the home of my girls and I, and being able to continue to provide the same loving, caring and peaceful environment that we have all come to know and love.

January 13, 2020
Please Contribute

We have not raised any funds, and we will soon be on foreclosure if we do not get any help. Please help me and my children, so we are not out on the street in the dead of Minnesota winter. Anything helps please, hear my plea.