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Mackenzie Clay
Heart Defect


This is our daughter. She was born on Feb 6, 2020. She was born with a condition called Scimitar Syndrome. It is a rare congenital heart defect characterized by anomalous venous return from the right lung (to the systemic venous drainage, rather than directly to the left atrium). Because of this condition her right lung did not develop. Which caused a host of more problems, like high blood pressure, bronchial compression, gtube, trach.  She was in the hospital for the first six months of her life. She was extubated on her six month birthday. She still has gtube though. 


We had to file bankruptcy. we lived an hour away from her hospital and I (mom) would stay weeks at a time because of COVID and fear of bringing something to her that very quickly could kill her. 


She is doing well now, we still have surgeries for minor things but we are out of the woods for now. 


We are needing a few things for Mackenzie and have tried other places with no luck.


Car seat and Pediatric Compleat formula that is very expensive. We also have our mortgage payment due soon, after having to remodify and add five years of payments to the loan.


I am unable to work because Mackenzie requires 24 hour nursing and not all coverage is supplied. 

The car seat we were looking at the Evenflo Revolve 360 because she has a lot of pumps that she connects to and we have a lot of appointments, therapies, and places we have to go with her that are all an hour away at least. 


The Pediatric Compleat formula, even on Amazon, is $330 for one month supply.

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