The Contreras Castillo Family

Austin, MN
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6 months
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    Leticia Contreras Castillo
    I have a mass in my uterus. I need a biopsy to see if its cancer.

    Hi, my name is Leticia Contreras Castillo, I'm 34 years old and I'm from Mexico. My favorite hobby is enjoying the summer, going to church and spending time with family. We are a very happy family but now we are facing a medical crisis. In May of last year my doctor gave me the news that I had a mass in my uterus, which causes me a lot of pain and I have to has a biopsy to check if it's cancer. For this procedure I need to give a deposit of $6,000. My situation at the moment does not allow me to pay that amount of money since I do not work or receive any income. In addition, I am an undocumented person and do not have access to community resources that help me financially. I have tried several aid programs and in all of them I have received a denial letter. However, I am still hoping to find a resource that will help me pay for the biopsy I need.

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