Sioux Falls, SD

The Contreras Family

Olivia Contreras
Chronic Illness

My daughter Olivia was diagnosed on November 30th 2019 with renal failure she is 15 years old! We’ve been hospitalized for 55 days since than we just got out on February 5th 2020. She has to be on dialysis Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for 4 hours each day. She’s had 6 surgeries since her diagnosis. We tried the Peritoneal dialysis but she became highly allergic to the solution and got the Steven Johnson syndrome from it! She got a rash, blisters and her mouth and lips were swollen and she was not able to eat for two weeks. So she has to do the hemoglobin dialysis! She also got two blood clots in her lungs which we got put in ICU for that on December 30th 2019. It’s been a scary process for us all! We’re hoping for a transplant in the next year or so! She’s also had to have 8 blood transfusions through all of this. It’s been extremely hard financially as I and my husband couldn’t work as much cause of this! Thanks for taking time to read this and God bless!

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