The Copeland Family

White Bear Lake, MN
$500.00 raised of $6,331.32
Mortgage/Rent $6,331.32
6 months
    sarah copeland
    Breast Cancer

    On January 24th, I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 2.  My treatment will include 4 months of chemo which is starting on February 15th, followed by surgery, and reconstructive surgery of some sort.  I have been working as a part-time Registered Nurse, and have to take a leave of absence until my treatment is completed.  I also currently homeschool our 9 year old daughter.  To make matters worse, 3 weeks prior on January 3rd, my husband suffered a stroke that has left him unable to work at this time.  As you can imagine, both of us being out of work causes a severe financial strain.  My spouse is receiving a stipend from short term disability, but it is less than half of what he used to make on a monthly basis.  Due to me only being a part time employee, I do not qualify for benefits at my employer.  I was referred to your organization by my brother who attended one of your fundraising dinners.  This is hard for us to reach out for help, but we truly appreciate any assistance to help pay our mortgage, as that would be one less stressor on us during this time.  

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