Ramsey, MN

The Davis Family

Thomas Davis
Heart Defect

Thomas Robert was born on September 17th. With so much joy we welcomed him to our family and brought him home to meet his 3 excited brothers. In the early morning hours of the 20th we rushed him to the ER because of decreased feedings and labored breathing. By Gods saving hand the doctors stabilized him and we transferred to Children's where he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Interrupted Aortic Arch, a hole in his heart and aortic bicuspid valve. He had heart surgery on Thursday, September 24th. We feel grateful for all the Lord has already done to protect Thomas by saving his sweet life. While this journey is not one we would have chosen for our family, we take great peace in fully knowing the Lord has great plans for Thomas and He will use each step of this journey for his glory and for good. Please join us in praying for our brave sweet boy. 

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