The Dukes Family

Watford City , ND
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5 months
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    Kyren Dukes
    Sever sugar loss, born with infection, low platelets, couldnt breath on his own or regulate his body temp

    Our Beautiful baby boy came into this world fighting for his life and continued to overcome many obstacles right off the bat! He was born with a glucose level of 4, which is supposed to be a minimum of 40 and above, plus he had an infection he was fighting off. He couldn't regulate his body temp or his oxygen levels, and had to be hooked up to machines to help him regulate them. His platelets were low which made it hard for him to stop bleeding. His penis will have to have correction surgery outside patient care in 6 months, to correct an issue with his urethra. All together he was in the NICU for the hardest 15 days, of our lives! We are blessed to have him on the path of recovery and thankfully getting better every day!

    February 11, 2022
    Leilani Dukes

    Our little munchkin has been growing like a weed. He still has a couple things going on. He needs corrective surgery in 3 months. Other than that he seems to be doing good. Thank you for all the support.