The Fields Family

Phoenix , AZ
$600.00 raised of $9,816.00
Car Payment $1,512.00
4 months
Mortgage/Rent $4,800.00
4 months
Utilities - Phone $1,720.00
4 months
Insurance - Auto $1,784.00
4 months
Utilities - Internet $0.00
1 months
    Da’mari Fields

    Da’mari was admitted into the Phoenix Children’s hospital on Sunday 11/29/20 due to having MRSA infection in his right leg bone. We have now been in the hospital for over a week and we are expected to stay here a bit longer. Da’mari has already had 3 surgeries so far because of the infection and is expected to remain on IV as well as oral antibiotics for a couple of months once the infection is under control. This has caused extreme financial hardship on my family since I had just started working again after being laid off due to COVID19. I’ve only been with my current employer for a short time and don’t have any sick time nor PTO accrued. I also don’t know where I will stand with my employment once my son is released. Being with my son right now is my number one priority so I have been and will continue staying with him 100 percent of the time. 

    December 9, 2020

    Da’mari has had 2 MRI’s and 3 surgeries so far we are hoping we can go home soon and be with his other siblings. He is beginning to start walking again using a walker.