Yankton, SD

The Frederick Family

Courtney Frederick
Chronic Illness

Three years ago a stomach ache turns into massive weight loss, fulltime feeding tube, bowel obstructions, low blood sugars, no weight gain and hospitalization with frequent trips to Mayo.  Trying to balance being a wife of 26 years and a mother to 4 beautiful daughters and taking care of my numerous needs is still my heart's desire.  This undiagnosed illness has taken away the ability to eat, travel, walk long distances, drive, lift anything and basic household tasks.  I carry my feedings in a backpack or on my IV pole 24/7.  My loved ones and church family have sacrificed many things and walk this journey with me.  I continue to remain hopeful and will never give up as a Tube Warrior.

Courtney Frederick


Tube Warrior

An increase in unexplained bowel obstructions and hospitalizations has led to leaving my job in October and my family selling our forever home to downsize and pay down debt.  A rare diagnosis was discovered called CIPO or Chronic Intestinal Psuedo Obstruction.  CIPO causes a lack of weight gain, unexplained bowel obstructions, nausea and malabsorption.  My medical team is beginning to plan to do TPN feedings to rest my gastrointestinal tract. My husband and daughters continue to live full time lives and take care of my needs and cares day and night.  I am thankful for them, my whole family, my medical team and church family as No One Fights Alone and we begin each new day with Hope.  Our Thanks to the Help Me Bounce Organization!