The Frey Family

Dickinson, ND
$50.00 raised of $5,418.00
Mortgage/Rent $5,418.00
3 months
    Ruby Frey
    Infant-Related Illness

    On December 6, we were blessed with two beautiful identical twin girls, Ruby and Opal. Early in the morning on December 7, Ruby had to be taken to the NICU at Sanford in Bismarck due to her oxygen levels dropping. This was due to her lungs not quite being developed enough, requiring her to be put on oxygen and have a NG tube and IV put in. Our little Ruby is a fighter and still manages to be feisty even while hooked up to monitors and tubes. We are eagerly awaiting the day we can reunite her with her sister Opal and our little gemstones can finally be back together

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