The Glodowski Family

Russell Springs, KY
$500.00 raised of $1,900.00
Mortgage/Rent $1,100.00
2 months
Car Payment $700.00
2 months
Utilities – Water $100.00
1 months
Mariah Glodowski
Short Bowel Syndrome

Mariah is 10 years old. She was born with Vanishing gastroschisis which directly led to her having short bowel syndrome. Mariah has undergone countless procedures dozens of surgeries and has always remained positive kind and hopeful. She has a sister that's 11 years old and a brother that is 5. She lives in a single parent household with her mother and we all enjoy arts and crafts as a way to entertain us and bring our family closer together while expanding our imaginations. Being a part of a family with a special needs child that have a chronic life-threatening illness is like stepping into a completely different world and is truly a condition that affects the entire family on all levels mentally spiritually physically emotionally and financially. Being fortunate enough to have continued to progress forward through life together is truly a privileged that others we walked alongside Have not. Mariah is now in the process of testing out a new medication that could potentially result in her being able to thrive and sustain life without the use of her tpn intravenously administered medication or possibly the need for continuous tube feeds. Our hopes are high and our expectations are low however this as all other hurdles we have jumped come at a cost which we are more than willing to pay no matter what level of searching praying or working we need to do in order to make it possible. So we now have broadened our Horizons in a way that can potentially help us seek help and support from people from our community and those near and far who are themselves looking for someone to be kind to or a family they can leave an imprint on and hopefully us two in return can leave one as well thank you.

January 22, 2021

Mariah is scheduled for a surgery on February 1st. Please keep us in your prayers she is remaining ever so positive. Thank you all for your help for taking the time to read our story. Hopefully after this Hospital stay Mariah will be able to begin her gattex regimen once again to help her gain her nutrition and self-sustainability.