St Paul, MN

The Greenwood Family

Atlas & Owen Greenwood
Premature Birth

Atlas and Owen arrived Easter Weekend 2019 after having grown inside mom for just 31 1/2 weeks (versus your standard 40 week pregnancy). They were diagnosed with late onset Twin-to-Twin Transfusion syndrome - meaning an unequal share of nutrients, this put  both their lives at risk and the decision to be delivered by C-section was rapidly made. The NICU journey the boys have faced has included issues swallowing/eating, lots of time growing and a really scary Memorial day weekend where Owen had to be put back in an isolet, on CPAP and have a spinal tap to rule out infection. Overall the boys have been incredible fighters and after 47 days Atlas got to come home. June 19th marks the boy's due date and day 58 of Owen's NICU stay. After 9 weeks in the hospital Owen finally got to come home on June 23rd. Mom and Dad are adjusting to 3 kids at home and managing many follow up appointments and staying on top of the boys needs; and in addition to mom's leave for having a C-Section the decision has been made to take  6 weeks unpaid leave to ensure the boys are thriving (hopefully at home). Big sister Lena met Atlas when he came home June 7th and she met Owen in the NICU June 16th as a Father's day gift to daddy to have the first photo of all 5 of us together. Any help you can provide as we face this trial and growth as a family is greatly appreciated. 

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