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Steele, ND
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    Ramara Hackman
    Premature Birth

    Baby Ramara Quinn decided she was ready to make her appearance early! She was born at  just 33 weeks. She was 5lb 2oz. She will need all kinds of help from breathing to eating and much more. She has a long road ahead of her, but is also very strong!💜 I  really wasn't ready for her to come so soon, and have so much I needed to do yet. And thought I had a little more time to save up some money.  I am unable to work with her being in the NICU, which has made this all the more stressful on my little family. Anything helps to get us out of this setback. God Bless🤍 🙌 

    May 6, 2022
    Hackman Family

    Ramara is getting stronger as the days go on. She still is trying to figure out how to eat and maintain her oxygen all while keeping her body temperature up. Working this hard is like running a marathon for her little body. Mommy and Daddy were finally able to hold her. Such an amazing moment for the both of us. The days get to be so long. But like Ramara we are fighters and know this will only make us stronger. Thanks for the continued support.💕