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    Stacey Hoffman Casalenda
    Breast Cancer

    Time Line of Events

    -Initial breast cancer diagnosis, August 2020.
    -August 2020 - March 2021, Chemotherapy treatment followed by breast cancer surgery March 2021.
    -March 2021 - August 2021, additional chemotherapy treatment and radiation.
    -September 2021, Clear scans and strong vitals
    -January 2022, two emergency brain surgery's
    -February 2022, the start of brain radiation treatment as well as post surgery rehab, physical therapy & occupational therapy.

    From Stacey

    I was going to wait to put out this information, but with so many questions and messages, I will summarize. Also I lost a beautiful friend in January who was a private person battling something very few knew about and I didn’t want that to happen to me. I have a huge number of friends and family that I call “My Prayer Warriors!! ❤️”. They lifted me up daily throughout my journey and have been so supportive to me with what I am about to share.

    I was diagnosed in August 2020 with a very aggressive type of breast cancer called TNBC (triple negative) and was going to participate in Keynote (Keytruda immunology clinical trial at u of M). Time was ticking and I really needed treatment to begin!! I started 12 weekly Taxol chemotherapy treatments at Frauenshuh Cancer Center in St. Louis Park, followed by 4 biweekly AC “RedDevil” chemotherapy treatments followed by a Neulasta shot after these treatments (lots of bone pain).

    There are so many new medical advancements and every major Research Hospital is taking this up (Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Sloan Ketterling, MD Anderson, Indiana University and many others in the US alone). During the original diagnosis I personally chose to be POSITIVE (MIND OVER MATTER) relied on my FAITH and used natural remedies after my chemo treatments along with clean eating as best I could (lots of organic fruits and veggies, lean protein, eliminated caffeine, alcohol and stayed low sugar and increased water intake to 80 oz a day).

    In March 2020 I had breast surgery and an ancillary lymph node dissection of 14 lymph nodes. I went home that night. A month later started 33 rounds of Radiation treatments and at the same time started an oral chemotherapy drug called Xeloda for 6 months. I experienced more harsh side effects on this med than all the others. Specifically Hand and Foot Syndrome (think walking over hot sand beach barefoot everyday). NO PITY PARTY HERE !! I toughed it out through all of it . Nothing was going to stop me from getting through this so much life to live! After treatment I was the healthiest I have been in my whole life!! Charged up by news of excellent vitals and recharged by a wonderful trip planned with Nick to Sedona, Arizona for a week then to Phoenix area to visit extended family. CHRISTMAS came and we hosted my brother Brian and family from Michigan!! It was a much needed dose of family and I love them so much and haven’t been able to do anything since the CV and BC so worth it!! A few days after they left, well let’s just say that TNBC stinker reared it’s ugly head in a big bad way as it had metastasized to my beautiful brain!

    So after I beat it over past year and a half I am going to do it again!! I was supposed to take part in phase 2 TNBC vaccine trial at Mayo Rochester at the beginning of January but instead was rushed to Methodist hospital in SLP on 1/15/2022 to have two emergency brain surgeries to SAVE MY LIFE!! Amazing neurosurgeons and all the healers and helpers AND GOD is why I I am alive today!!

    Tell the women in your life to get their mammogram appointments and self check so important! I do not have a hereditary link. Everyone is battling something it seems, Be Kind, LOVE ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️ & PRAY. I started Whole Head Brain Radiation treatments on 2/8/2022 and I am almost half way through. My doctor has me on tight brain healing protocol low ambient, STEM for three more weeks as I finish this phase. I REMAIN POSITIVE AND HOPEFUL!!! Faith, Family and Friends will get me through again!! So many thank you notes to write and more story to tell. I am doing well and with all this love and support I will knock it to the curb and gladly participate in any advancements that can help others facing a BIG C Diagnosis. My brain surgeon's RN wrote me a note on my appointment print out that said: CANCER DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT. YOU ARE A STRONG WOMAN. YOU ARE INSPIRING. ❤️ I’ll take that!!!

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