The Holloway Family

Bismarck, ND
$2,175.00 raised of $5,922.60
Mortgage/Rent $5,922.60
3 months
    Faith Holloway
    Premature Birth

    In March of 2020, at 23 weeks pregnant, my water unexpectedly broke.  I spent the next two weeks in the hospital until at 25 weeks exactly I got an infection and an emergency C-Section had to be performed.  As perfect as she was, our little girl only graced our world for 13 short hours before she went home to spend eternity in Heaven.   Approximately two and a half years later, I was blessed to become pregnant with our little miracle baby.  Due to what happened last time, we knew she was going to have to be delivered by C-Section and would probably come early -- we just didn't know exactly how early. Approximately 28 weeks into the pregnancy I developed preeclampsia and my blood pressure started to climb.  Around the 32 week mark, my blood pressure reached stroke level and I was admitted to the hospital.  Six short days later, my body started to shut down and was no longer able to sustain the pregnancy.  As a result, on November 10, 2022, (The Marine Corps Birthday, OooRah) at 32 weeks, 6 days, weighing in at 3lbs, 9 ounces, and 16 in long, our little miracle decided to make her debut into our world.  We named her Faith Journey Holloway because that's what she truly is, has been, and continues to be, our little Faith Journey.   Thankfully she appears healthy, but due to her small size and age, doctors are telling us to expect at least a two month stay in the NICU.  Currently she needs oxygen assistance and is being fed through a tube.  Eventually the goal is to ween her off the assistance and help her to start eating on her own.  The goal is to have her out by Christmas but more than likely we will be lucky if she is released prior to the New Year.  Either way, we are incredibly thankful and blessed are little rainbow baby is alive, breathing, and seemingly healthy all things considered.  We do not expect anything but are extremely grateful for any help and assistance you may be able to provide to help pay the rent while our little girl is in the hospital. Thank you in advance!

    November 17, 2022
    Faith is One Week Old Today!

    We've officially reached the one week mark!  Thank you soo much to everyone who has donated so far!! I cannot express how much we appreciate all the kindness and generosity you all have shown to us.  So far Faith has done amazing in the NICU and never ceases to amaze me daily.  Her weight continually fluctuates but today she was at her heaviest weighing in at 3lbs 13oz so we pray she continues to gain and grow in the right direction.  The nurses have increased her food intake from 24 to 28mL with feedings 4x's a day which allowed them to take her PICC line out today!! She continues to need oxygen support to breath but the doctor hopes to wean her completely off of it in the next couple of weeks so continued prayers on that.  After she is weaned of the oxygen support it'll allow us to try and start feeding her naturally (right now she needs a tube).  Overall, for her size and age the doctor's say she is doing really well which makes her Daddy and I extremely happy!! Again, thank you all so very much for the help & support!! It means a lot.  Faith has also started to open her eyes more and more daily which has been an awesome surprise.  The pic is her practicing her "mean mug" during snuggle time with Daddy.  It's the look she gave the nurses when they said her time was almost up.  Priceless.