Scandia, MN

The Holmberg Family

David Holmberg
Cardiovascular Disease

Was Hospitalized in February with double pneumonia and influenza A and while in the hospital found heart enzymes in the blood. Discharged for home and scheduled for an angiogram to put stents in if necessary, but 2 arteries were 100% blocked.  On March 20,2020 had quadruple by pass surgery.  The next day brought back into surgery to check for blood pooling and found a blocked airway and was in cardiac arrest.  Discharged from the hospital on April 2 on oxygen, but the body was retaining too much CO2 and was re admitted on April 3 for another 6 days.  Have been going to cardio rehab and on oxygen.  Weaning off the oxygen and some medication.  Will be going back to work as a self employed owner/operator the middle of July, but no income during this time.




Dave is on less oxygen

going in for a sleep study this week

still has some CO2 in his blood

he doesn’t get enough oxygen when he sleeps