Delavan , WI

The Jaramillo Family

Joy Jaramillo
Premature Birth

This is the story of how our miracle JOY came to be!!!  At 29 weeks I began to have severe pain in my stomach and lower back along with bleeding and clotting. On April 26th, I woke up bleeding severely and was rushed to the hospital by my husband.  My doctor found I was having a placenta abruption. This is where the placenta tears away from the lining and can cause the baby to lose complete oxygen. I was in complete shock and confusion. How could this happen? What went wrong? Would my baby girl survive?! I was rushed into an emergency c-section and at 4:06 am our 2 lbs 14oz miracle JOY made her arrival!! It was one of the most traumatic, emotional, but beautiful moments of our lives! I had asked God as I lay on the operating table  to please have her cry big and loud so I know she is alive and ok! God answered my prayer! She came out crying with such strength! It was at that moment I knew our baby Joy was not only a miracle but a fighter, a warrior!!! Baby Joy was sent to the NICU in Milwaulkee via ambulance right away while I stayed in recovery in Elkhorn, WI. 

My husband and I are so thankful for our little bundle of Joy and that she is alive and fighting still in the NICU! Though it is a beautiful miracle this has all been a complete shock and an emotional rollercoaster still for my husband and I. We live an hour away from our baby girl, so round trip we are traveling 2 hours every day to see her.  This has been the hardest time for us, along with both of our cars breaking down and needing work done. My husband is not able to leave work yet as we can not afford it with the rising costs of bills, childcare for my 2 year old, groceries, maintenance on our cars,  rent, etc. Also, Baby Joy will need lots of care when she is able to come home which leaves me not able to work for probably a year depending on her progress. 

My husband and I are so thankful and greatful from the bottom of our hearts! With your donations, you allow us to see our baby girl everyday, fix our cars, provide childcare for our 2 year old, and sustain our home through this difficult time.  Thank you again for your support and help! God bless you!!

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