Mesquite, TX

The Jarnat Family

Karen Jarnat
Brain or Internal Organ Injury

My name is Karen. This is my story.

At the age of 42, without any warning or underlying conditions, I suffered a Massive Stroke that has rendered me a Hemiplegic. In addition to the massive affect on my brain, daily activities such as walking, talking, bathing, concentrating, my stroke has caused many other medical and Non-medical problems.  I lost my ability to work, and had my driver's license canceled due to the severity of the brain damage, I now have Kidney complications, compromised immune system, just to name a few issues.

I am constantly in and out of the hospital for things like in-patient rehab (multiple times, have been hospitalized for a significant brain bleed that required Brain Surgery, and many other issues. The latest hospitalizations being February and March of this year.

During my February hospitalization, I lost complete consciousness and winded up on breathing machine, feeding tube and Dialysis. Sadly, I had not noticed that I didn't receive my February Social Security Benefits direct deposit.

By the time I recouped enough to conduct my personal business, the Pandemic/Covid-19 had struck the United States. Social Distancing Rules were put in Place, including Stay-at-home in Shelter was being enforced by our local, state and federal government.

The matter of my missing Benefits was unable and continues to be unable to be resolved as the Social Security Administration remains closed.

Due to enormous amounts of medical bills and my lack of income, I am now $1,998 behindbin rent and have already receivedan Eviction Notice.

I require weekly dr visits. As I said before I am a Hemiplegic. There is no way I can make it living on the streets with my medical issues. I have no money and can't move into a new place.

I am desperate and really need help. You would literally be saving my life.


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