The Johnson Family

Cloquet, MN
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2 months
    Kathryn (Katie) Johnson
    Chronic Illness

    My daughter Eva was diagnosed with FSGS and started dialysis in 2018. She had her first kidney transplant in July 2020 (where I was her donor). Right after transplant her FSGS returned for a year we tried multiple things like plasmapheresis and liposorber and Achtar and a few other medications or procedures but it ended up scarring her kidney and went back into kidney failure. She started dialysis again in November 2021. There has been lots of hospital stays and illnesses that have happened to make life harder at times. I’m her caregiver and I’m a single parent with no help from her father. Eva was blessed with a 2nd kidney transplant on july 9 2023, and we might have a lot of appointments and therapies for a short or long period of time. 

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