The Johnstone Family

Little Canada, MN
$350.00 raised of $2,809.00
Medical Bills $1,500.00
3 months
Mortgage/Rent $300.00
1 months
Car Payment $583.00
1 months
Utilities - Internet $170.00
2 months
Insurance - Renter's $256.00
8 months
    Janine Johnstone
    Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumor, Several Cancers, Anemia,

    I have been blessed but am in need of some help.  Having MS, Anemia, Brain Tumor, and several cancers has been a humbling experience.  I had a flood in my apartment and lost all that I had.  I came back fighting.  Went through treatments and am finally in my own one bedroom apartment.  Totally in love with it.  I lost my employment and went months without income.  I got behind in rent and am almost to the point of saving eviction.  The court has granted me a payment plan which needs be paid by mid December.  I have secured help from the county and Salvation Army but due to the governments lack of funding I am still a bit short.  Any help you could provide,  I am graciously thankful for any or all..

    March 7, 2023
    janine johnstone

    Thanks to all I am loving life again.  The end of the tunnel is clear.  One more event to defeat and life is sooooo amazing.  To be feeling good again, in a full time job helping others, The sun is shining and Oh My Goodness, who would of thought !   I hope you all enjoy !  

    December 21, 2022
    janine johnstone


    With hard work , a donation, and friends with good thoughts I am almost there.  I made it through eviction court and a payment arrangement was made.  2 of the organizations now say they are out of funds for the year.  I am now short $1,812.00 by years end and do not need be evicted.  I am a speach less.  I don't want to give up now.  Please help if you can.



    December 12, 2022
    janine johnstone

    Thank you for the generous donation of $350 to rent.  I cried all day with tears of gratitude and happiness.  Thank you and I hope all are having a wonderful holiday season,