Saint Paul, MN

The Joseph Family

Teghan Joseph
Heart defect/Down Syndrome

Teghan  Joseph 19 months was born with  congenital heart defect and Trisomy 21 down syndrome she will need multiple  surgeries.When she was born she stayed in the hospital for 5 months.Teghan had her first surgery at 3 months her second was going to be after 1st birthday due to Covid 19 it got pushed back. Teghan  second open heart surgery  was August 7 . Then 22 days later she had to go get another procedure  and that's when everything took a turn for the worst. Teghan came out on life support she had stroke  ended up brain dead. We lost our little angel on 9/21/2020. Our family so hurt for the unexpected loss of Teghan. Her siblings are devastated. It's really hard for us right now. 



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