The Justice Family

New Brighton, MN
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    Bill Justice
    Severe pancreatitis, fluid in abdomen, uncontrollable calcium influx, hospitalized 2 plus months

    On May 1st, Bill collapsed in the livingroom from intense abdominal pain. He was rushed to the ER. There they found severe pancreatitis, with failing kidneys, and that was just the beginning. Within 24 hours, he was admitted to the icu, within 48 hours he was in a coma, and stayed in a coma for 3 weeks. During that time, he experienced a seizure, high fevers, infections, pneumonia and became mrsa positive. Bill has a fiance with 3 beautiful children, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. He was the main financial provider for the family. Bill is still in the hospital and is going to be having surgery to remove his thyroid, which is causing issues with recovery and influx of calcium. His children are being cared for by their mom Aimee, Bills fiance, and are struggling to make ends meet. They're 3 young kids have multiple appointments during the week, the oldest is on the autism spectrum and has multiple therapy appointments during the week. On top of kids activities and speech therapy for the 2 younger kiddos. Bill is not in a coma anymore, is on the path to healing but won't be home for a while longer. He has a long journey of recovery ahead of him and will need therapy and treatments. His family is expected to be without him for a couple more months and could use the support. 

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