Richmond, MN

The Knisley Family

McKenzie Knisley
Birth Defect

This is 5 year old McKenzie Knisley. McKenzie is the daughter of Quinn and Kristine Knisley. She is also the big sister to Mason Knisley.

Friday night on January 10th, 2020 McKenzie complained of a stomach ache. She began throwing up frequently through the night and her parents decided to take her to the Paynesville E.R. A short while later she was airlifted to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. There it was discovered that McKenzie was born with what's called Malrotation. This abnormality causes her intestines to grow incorrectly and not coil the way they are supposed to. Monday they got the devastating news that they had to remove all of her small intestine and some of her colon, as well as her appendix.

Because most nutrients are broke down and absorbed in the small intestine, McKenzie will now need be on IV nutrition and have a colostomy bag. This way of life will eventually cause McKenzie's liver to fail, so she will need to get on a transplant list for a small intestine. Once McKenzie has recovered from her surgeries she just went through, her parents will be working with the Omaha Transplant Center to discuss her small intestine transplant that will save this little girls life. Recovery can be extremely difficult after the transplant and due to the risks, life expectancy can be poor.

Gas, travel expenses, hotels, and meals add up quickly, not to mention medical bill's.  Any donations will make a difference for this family, so they can focus on McKenzie. Please keep McKenzie and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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