The Koch Family

Biloxi, MS
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Mortgage/Rent $3,000.00
3 months
Utilities – Electric $600.00
3 months
    Andreas Koch

    I had to get my right Leg Amputated less than two years ago and I returned to work a Week after I received my prosthetic Leg. I've always pride myself of been a hard worker and have worked over 32+ of the 34 Years that I have been living in the USA and it's hard for me to ask of Help from anybody. But due to spending long Hours at my Job every Day standing and walking on my remaining Food it developed sores and got badly infected in a matter of Days. I ended up driving myself to the ER and had to have two Surgeries right away cutting open my Foot and removing Tissue to fight and hopefully get rid the Infection. Some of it spread to the Bone and this will take a while to properly heal were I can try to resume a normal Life. I'm undergoing Hyperbaric Treatments every Day, I have Wound Care three times a Week and I have a PICC Catheter in my Arm to do heavy dose Anti Biotic IV Infusions twice a Day at home. I won't be able to return to my Job or any other work until I get to where my wounds have closed up and I'm able to walk for more than short distances.  I live by myself and have no other Source of Income and used up all my resources due to my Amputation last Year. At this point I won't have any income for what might be many Weeks and Months of recovery. Thank you! 

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