The Koenig Family

Mandan, ND
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8 months
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    Maren Koenig
    Premature Birth

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Maren! I came into this world July 15, 2022 at 35weeks and 5days weight 4lbs 6oz. My mom had to be induced to make sure herself and I were safe. After a long forty hours I was finally born. I went straight to the NICU after just a few minutes of cuddles with mom. I needed some extra help breathing once I turned just a few hours old. My magnesium level was very high which made it very hard for me to breath. Luckily my doctors reacted very quickly and got me on a new machine to help me breath called NAVA. It saved my life. I was on it for a few days before they could start turning it down to let my body start breathing for itself. It took me a bit but I finally figured it out and got to be taken off the machine! I wasn’t able to eat by myself so also had a feeding tube. I was very happy when they could finally take it out. On day two of my stay I got a pic line put in to help me heal faster and fight off a possible infection. I was in antibiotics for seven days due to being without amniotic fluid for almost 36 hours. Mom also had to stay a few nights in the hospital so made my first few days easier with her there. Mom and dad were there as much as they could. Mom had to also be there for my brother who was also born at 35 weeks on 8/26/2020. I was very excited to meet him. On July 27, 2022 I finally was able to come home after I got the whole eating thing down. Between my moms bills and my own we are in aliover our heads but know god has a plan. We are more than great full for any donation. The biggest gift is to just have our little girl healthy and finally home! God bless for the Koenig family

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