Foley, MN

The Koester Family

Madelyn Koester
Premature Birth

Madelyn Ann Koester was born August 27, 2018, at 28 weeks and 4 days gestation. Maddie came several months shy of her due date on November 15th. She was born weighing a mere 2 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 14.6" long. She currently lives in the NCIU at St Cloud Hospital where she receives around-the-clock care. As the nurses put it, the NICU is a very expensive hotel for Maddie.Susie and Bryan's HSA fund is empty. In a case of bad timing, they will need to meet their insurance deductible again starting in January. While they are completely in love with their daughter, and willing to do anything it takes to make sure she has the best life, they are also very stressed out about their financial situation. Paying the next month's bills, buying preemie baby things, and figuring out the mounting insurance bills are all weighing heavily on the family.

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