Lino Lakes, MN

The Kubat Family

Benjamin Kubat
Infant-Related Illness

We welcomed our son Benjamin Dean September 20th. He was a big and healthy boy coming in at 9.6lbs. I noticed right away he had troubles eating and digestion his milk and eventually just quit eating. In his 3 months of life he has endured: swallow study, upper and lower barium studies, upper and lower endoscopy, sweat test, head ultrasound, brain MRI, 4 NG placements, intubation, not to mention countless labs and IVs. He is on medications: for reflux, to help stomach empty, and on a prescription formula for protein intolerance.We have spent a total of 32 days in the hospital since birth. I have extended my leave unpaid since November 14th. My husband has been the sole provider. Although his full time job is salary and has flexible hrs. He is also a veteran and still a member of the Minnesota National guard and has missed his 2 monthly commitments with no pay which adds to approximately 1,000 month.Thank you for listening to our story.

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