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Minneapolis, MN
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    Everest & Hero Kupcho
    Premature Birth, Severe Growth Restriction on Everest, High Risk Pregnancy

    The story of Everest & Hero.

    My boys were born at 29 weeks premature after I was put on bed rest for a month to try and keep my babies in utero for as long as possible. Their journey has been a difficult one and I have spent day after day in the NICU with them hoping for them to grow strong and healthy. My first born Twin Everest is battling with oxygen needs, born at .9 lbs (420 grams) his days have been rough. We are 80 days into the NICU, Everest has had a fractured femur and broken ribs due to his brittle bones. At 40 weeks he's only weighing in at 4 lbs. He continues to need ongoing monitoring and testing to figure out what caused his Severe Growth Restriction and gender ambiguity. Hero is doing better, finally able to come home. I am unable to work and Everest's hospital stay is looking longer than anticipated and even when he comes home will still need a form of oxygen which will require me to aid him. We are looking for any support we can get while we overcome this long medical battle. 

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