The Ladd Family

Minneapolis, MN
$500.00 raised of $24,560.00
Funeral Costs $60.00
5 months
Mortgage/Rent $24,500.00
10 months
    Roy Ladd
    Colon Cancer

    Hello my name is Roy b Ladd ll married with four children live in MPLS MN I'm asking for donations and help do to my illness I am fighting stage 4 colon and currently going through chemotherapy.recently I had to have a colonoscopy bag out on do to the tumor on my colon growing so I'm asking for help because I have taken two different types of chemo treatment and none have worked now I'm on a third type called lonsurf I have two take twice a day 5 pills a day and I'm really scared because after this there nothing else left to do I cry everyday all day when I look at my children loosing there dad at a early age there only 11 yrs 10yrs 8 yrs and 5 yrs and that makes me sad so please help I would really appreciate it alot thanks Roy B Ladd ll and family 


    August 14, 2022
    Ladd family

    Im doing a current update in hopes to get more help because it's very much needed especially now that I'm taking this new chemotherapy treatment in the pill form called lonsurf gotta take  six a day for 10 days the rest of the time I'm trying to stay healthy as possible recovering from taking 60 pills .my family really needs the help it's hard for us especially when I'm not working really stressing me out and that's the last thing I need to be doing is stressing so please help my family and I would really appreciate it alot thanks from the LADD family with love God bless haw