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Chippewa Falls, WI
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    Rowan Lawton
    Premature Birth

    Rowan was born at 23 weeks gestation via C-section and Vaginal birth (that is a whole other story ;) ).  Rowan took a helicopter ride to Children's Minnesota in St. Paul, MN (1.5 hours from home) and has overcome many surgeries and obstacles in his 123 days here so far.  From chest tubes, bowel perforations, brain bleeds, ileostomy and mucus fistula (then a reanastomosis), injections in his eyes for his vision, and reservoir in his head; from 1lb 2oz to current 6lb 1oz our Rowan has proven his strength and that miracles can happen.  There have been difficult days with difficult conversations, but there have also been great days that make it all worth it.  Our journey in the NICU is not complete yet, but one day it will be and we are thankful for the experience we have had and the people we have been blessed to meet and help us along the way.   

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