The Lo Family

Mounds View, MN
$2,560.00 raised of $3,500.00
Mortgage/Rent $2,700.00
3 months
Utilities - Phone $500.00
2 months
Insurance - Auto $300.00
2 months
    Keegan Lo
    Neurosurgery- tethered spinal cord

    Hello, my name is Keegan Lo. I am three years old. I love cars. I enjoy running outside and exploring nature. 
    I was born with a tethered spinal cord.  This means that my spinal has a knot at the end of my tail bone. Difficulty walking and other complications could occur if left untreated.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to celebrate my birthday. Instead, I had to be quarantine and remain at home as my surgery was on 10/14. I was expected to be discharged within 2 weeks after my surgery. However, a few days after my surgery, my wound started leaking cerebral spinal fluid. Eventually, that lead me to develop a bacterial infection that required a second surgery.

    Things didn’t go as planned and now now I have to remain in the hospital until mid November so that I could be properly treated.
    With this being said, it has been a burden on my parents. I have two younger sibling who are 2 years old and 1 years old. We enjoy baking cookies with our parents and making our house our playground!

    Thank you for your time. We hope you stay safe. May your day be filled with laughter!

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