The Lurker Family

Seminole, FL
$110.00 raised of $9,452.28
Mortgage/Rent $6,588.00
12 months
Utilities - Cable $1,244.28
12 months
Utilities – Electric $1,620.00
12 months
    Albert Lurker
    Hip & fall risk

    In July 2016 I went in for an operation to replace my hip. While in the hospital I fell getting out of bed and my hip fell out. The doctors pushed it back in and didn't know it was dented a short time later if so out and I had to go back to that in the replace that hip with the new one. I was in severe pain and they found that I had three bacterial infections one of which they had to find something that would destroy it along with the other two infection. I had to be hospitalized and the infections were surgically removed. I went through two six-week treatments of the antibiotics to make sure the infections were gone. I went to rehab and therapy with no luck. I still have pain that is constant from irritating pain to extreme pain. I have the been designated as a fall risk, because my legs are not as strong as they should be and I use a cane to try to present my falling. I walk carefully and slowly.

    September 18, 2021
    Albert Lurker

    This is now an urgent plea asking for your financial help to pay my HOA. I have just received a letter from an attorney telling me I have to pay $5700 within 45 days threatening legal action to take my home away. I have asked that I have explained my situation it seems that no one cares thing I was told that this was an organization that cares. I have been trying various places to get the money. But I have had no results. I am desperate at this point because I have no money to give them and I was depending on this organization to help me. Please help me I never had to beg before but now I find myself having to beg.

    September 13, 2021
    Albert Lurker

    I thought that you might like to know some of the things that I have done through my life to help others. Up north I was scoutmaster a Boy Scout troop two times. The boys were taught how to survive life by the merit badges they earned such as swimming, lifesaving, first-aid, cooking, hiking and others. They also went on trips one of the trips we did every year as a unit was help working at the Cerebral Palsy telethon, doing whatever it was needed to make it a success. We went to the Newark Museum and to scout acres week end camp to learn how to live in the woods away from the city and learn survival. One of my scouts joined the NAVY. He wrote a letter to his sister and said "Tell Mr. Lurker that  I was the only one that got liberty in my unit because I knew how to tie all the knots." I saw several of my former scouts when they became adults and was proud of every one for how they turned out and i had something to do with it.

    September 6, 2021
    Albert Lurker

     Before we came down to Florida I was very busy as commander of the American Legion post 109 in New Jersey. We had a pull tab machine that gave the post a very large amount of money that could be spent only in four ways. The first was military/patriotic, the second was a bona fide charity, education and individuals in need. Anyone who came to me with a personal financial need for specific purposes of medical, food and other expenses in a majority of the cases were given the money needed. I'm mentioning this because I want you to realize that I know what it means to make decisions to help others. I never thought that I would be placed in the position of asking others to help me. No one had to beg me to give them the money that they needed for their purpose. It seems that if there are any people out there who are part of this organization to help people in need I can't seem to reach them. If there are others out there I am asking for your help urgently. I've been a member for more than two months and have received no help.

    August 25, 2021
    Albert Lurker

    It is difficult in a blog like this were I am asking for help and there seems to be no answer. It's hard to find the words that will have people open their hearts and help the person asking. I have written six blogs explaining why total situation. I have been disappointed that no one seems to care. What I was told is to shut down the words so people would understand my situation. I am in financial trouble and looking at my goals and am not asking for a lot of money. I am looking at the possibility of losing my home and I am having trouble with the electric bill and my other bills. I am not use to asking for help my situation was thrust on me because of the pandemic. Losing my wife and being unable to pay my HOA through me into a desperate situation. I am still in hopes that you will a part of my solution. Again thank you in advance for opening up your hearts to help me.

    August 19, 2021
    Albert Lurker

    It never fails when you think nothing else will happen, it does. I have been food stamps for awhile, receiving what I thought was a  proper amount to live on. From this month forward, I am to receive  $25.00 a month. This is what the powers that be say that It is all that I am allowed. If I am lucky might get 4 meals out of it. This will send me to a food pantry to get food. Well this is just another thing to over come. Thank you again for your much need help to overcome my stated dilemma and reach my stated goals                                                                                                                                      

    August 16, 2021
    Albert Lurker

    I spent most of my time doing what needs to be done trying to survive. The difficult thing about this is that along with the problems that I have missed having friends like we did up north before we came to Florida. The facts are that the people that I know down in Florida are acquaintances that I do not see often. That is why I am depending on the help that you may give me. Please realize that the my need is great and anything that anyone can do to help me will be greatly appreciated. At one time or another everyone needs help, be it small for vehicle large the need is there. Now happens to be my time of need. Thank you in advance for your help with my dilemma.

    August 13, 2021
    Albert Lurker

    Those who have lost their spouse surely you can understand how I feel and what I am going through. Circumstances have positioned me in a place which is foreign to me. Throughout my life  I have always helped others in what ever capacity I could. Now I am in the position of requesting help in order to survive. It is very difficult for someone like me to be in this position. It is virtually impossible for me to pay the bills that I need to pay especially my HOA with the Social Security of $1250 a month. $549 per month HOA leaves a lot of bills that would not be paid. It is important and necessary for me to request assistance to reach and complete my set goals. I am placing my future in the hands of people that will help me. Thank You in advance for your  assistance.                        

    July 16, 2021
    Albert Lurker

    Since the death of my wife I have been trying to organize my thoughts to move on. After 53 years it's very hard to think one person -- I am so used to thinking two people. My major problem now is that I am six months behind in my HOA and I need to catch up and get ahead of it. It is my hope that I can find some fine people to help me to meet my goals. My wife was sick for a while before she went into the hospital and then got Covid 19. During her 90 days in the hospital and rehab I was not able to see her and was limited in talking to her. This is the most difficult time in my life. I was used to taking hold and correcting any problems that came up. This time I could not. When we came down to Florida, my wife decided not to get involved with the church because she had done so much that our previous church. For this reason we never belong to any organizations where we would be making friends. Therefore I have no friends to  help me and have to do this request on my own.