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Warren, MI
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    Messiah Matthews

    Messiah is a sweet, loving boy with epilepsy and autism. He was diagnosed with epilepsy at 3 months old and his condition cannot be controlled with medication. We have tried several medications and combination of medications but his seizure are still happening weekly. His medication does lower his seizures as they were happening daily but his neurologist has not found the combination of medications that will lower or prevent them yet. We are still hopeful his neurologist can find the best combo for him. Messiah had an episode in October where he had cluster seizures, which means he was having several back to back. He was admitted into the hospital where he underwent several tests including an MRI, EEG and bloodwork. I am a single mother and was working full time before his hospitalization but because I had to take a leave of absence from work to care for Messiah, my work chose to let me go. I am struggling to pay rent and bills due to him needing special care. 

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