The Miles Family

Middleton, WI
$601.00 raised of $5,500.00
Mortgage/Rent $5,500.00
2 months
Constance Miles
Breast Cancer

I never thought I would describe myself as a Breast Cancer Survivor but currently that is my reality.  On November 7, 2019 my world as I knew it turned upside down.  The in-depth, surreal phone conversation from the UW Hospital nurse discussing how I had breast cancer that was also in my lymph nodes couldn't be true.  From then on it was a whirl wind as I had to have another MRI, doctors visits, surgery, and currently radiation treatment.

I was blessed in that it was stage IB and chemotherapy was not required.  

As a single mom, I am the sole income source for our household.  My daughter is graduating high school this year and because of her academic and social service, she has been accepting into a few universities.  My income status as allowed her to be eligible for financial need-based scholarships.

Surgery and treatment have resulted in loss of wages and I have fallen behind on my mortgage.  I am seeking financial assistance to help with mortgage payments and to maintain our home.

Thank you.


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